Trend Investing Model

One of the many benefits of being an independent financial advisor is the ability to seek out investment ideas and research all across the globe in order to provide unique and effective investment solutions to my clients. This has been particularly beneficial over the last two years, as the search for original ideas and approaches has out of necessity expanded beyond the large wealth management firms, who all seem to offer similar investment solutions.

We have adopted the use of a trend investing model as a means to further diversify client portfolios and mitigate risk. What is unique about this approach is that it removes the fundamentally based “why” from the equation of asset allocation. That is, investment decisions are based solely on price trends, regardless of the reason(s) that are causing a particular price movement. Although this approach has been historically dismissed as market timing by the large firms, when fairly examined it fits within the parameters of investing for the long term.  Allocation changes are based on nothing more than price changes. This eliminates a lot of noise, including economic forecasts, expert analysis, and product-oriented allocation guidance to name a few. It also successfully removes one of the biggest detriments to investment success—emotion.

Please click here for information on the I-Systems© Trend Following Model, created by Alex Krainer. Mr. Krainer’s experience and philosophy are provided in the brochure below, and are better explained by Alex himself in an interview with Michael Covel here. Using the daily research I receive from the Trend Compass reports, I have created a model that is based on the Trend following investment philosophy which is available using the LPL Model Wealth Portfolio platform.

Alex Krainer 2021 brochure.

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