Below, please find some resources we rely on which bring knowledge, education, and time-sensitive invaluable information. To learn more, click the images below or follow the links provided.




Tom Luongo provides an original view of geo-politics and has the unique ability to connect and clearly explain the economic impact of geo-political events. Tom is passionate and very direct in what he sees. See UpThinking Finance™ episode #13 featuring Tom here.




Alex Krainer has an exceptional grasp of world history and a logical view of current events. His blog addresses economics and society, and is grounded in a very unique personal history. See UpThinking Finance™ episode #1 here.





                                                                                                                                  An American staple in financial analysis, Almost Daily Grant's offers an    experienced and honest view of the Federal Reserve and the credit markets. This has been a great resource to me in understanding interest rate policy and movements.




Russell Napier is an economic historian and the Keeper of the Library of Mistakes.He provides bi-monthly economic analysis that has roots in his coverage of the Asian Financial Crisis in the mid-1990's. His views are well thought out, consistent, and he is not afrraid to take an unpopular stand. See UpThinking Finance™ episode #7 here.







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