Amy LeNoble

LPL Registered Administrative Assistant

My dream when I was younger was to become a professional dancer; the kind you would see on Broadway or Television (i.e Dancing with the Stars). I went to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles to pursue this vision where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Dance, and minored in Business Administration. After many failed attempts, and some amazing experiences, I now no longer perform but teach dance to children when I can. I also provide services for clients and handle administrative tasks in the Financial Industry, and have been doing so for over 6 years. It is an honor to be working with this firm, and I am happy to say that with their support this year, I am now a registered representative with LPL. Both Dance and Finance have provided wonderful opportunities for me in life, taking me from California to New York, Austin, and Kansas City. I am so grateful for all that I have experienced, and look forward to much more!

Get to know me...

Favorite concert you ever went to?: Dashboard Confessional 

Favorite book?: Chronicles of Narnia

What would you sing at Karaoke night?: "Material Girl" by Madonna

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