Amy LeNoble

LPL Registered Representative

My dream when I was younger was to become a professional dancer; the kind you would see on Broadway or Television (i.e. Dancing with the Stars). I went to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles to pursue this vision where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Dance, and minored in Business Administration. After many failed attempts, and some amazing experiences, I now no longer perform but still enjoy teaching dance to children and adults when I can. I also have a personal passion for the financial industry coming from a family of accountants. I started in this industry in 2014 as a receptionist and surprised myself at how much enjoyment I got from it. It is beyond humbling to say that within 5 years of working for Capital Investment Advisers LLC, I went from administratively assisting clients to becoming a registered representative with LPL, to now being a partner to Emerson Fersch and lead allocation manager for our proprietary Momentum model. Both Dance and Finance have provided wonderful opportunities for me in life, taking me from California to New York, Austin, Kansas City, and even Scotland. I am so grateful for all that I have experienced, and look forward to much more!

Get to know me...

Favorite concert you ever went to?: Dashboard Confessional 

Favorite book?: Chronicles of Narnia

What would you sing at Karaoke night?: "Material Girl" by Madonna

My favorite memories:

2014 Trip to Tel Aviv, Israel

2018 Visit to Husky Homestead in Alaska watching Iditarod Champion Jeff King train his sled dogs

2019 Visit to Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

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