Welcome to One for the Money, a podcast with host Jonny West with an emphasis on early retirement. In this podcast, Jonny will go in depth with the tips, tricks, and strategies of early retirement.  These episodes will feature topics such as generating income in early retirement to tax saving strategies.  In addition, there will be interviews of top real estate, tax planning, estate planning, and other professionals to provide a comprehensive assessment to early retirement planning. To view each episode, click the images below:

Will I Be Able to Retire?, Ep #23

Estate Planning Simplified, Ep #22

Congratulations, You Already Have an Estate Plan - BUT YOU DON'T WANT IT!, Ep #21

Ways to Avoid Running out of Money in Retirement - Most Accidents Happen on the Way Down, Ep #20

Beware of Wolves in Insurance Salesmen's Clothing, Ep #19

When Life Gives You Lemons, STAY INVESTED!, Ep #18

The Case for Optimism, Ep #17

The Cost of College and How to Pay for It - Part 2, Ep #16

The Cost of College and How to Pay for It - Part 1, Ep #15

The Cost of College and How to Pay for It - Part 1, Ep #15

Financial Planning is Personal, Ep #14

The Psychology of Money, Ep #13

The Ticking Tax Time Bomb in Your Retirement Account, Ep #12

The Case of the 7 Million Missing American Children - How To Tax Plan and How Not To, Ep #11

The Best Time to Invest, Ep #10

It's All Very Taxing - Part 2, Ep #9

It's All Very Taxing - Part 1, Ep #8

Saving Strategies for the Self-Employed, Ep #7

Meaning & Purpose in Retirement, Ep #6

Let's Have a Heart to Heart: Early Retirement Healthcare Planning, Ep #5

Social Security & Early Retirement - Avoiding a Very Expensive Mistake, Ep #4

It's all about the Benjamins, Ep #3

Are you on FIRE financially?, Ep #2

When it Comes to Early Retirement - Start with Why, Ep #1